Save File to


Save File to in action

Save File to adds Save Page to, Save Link to and Save Image to to context menu. In the above, only link and image items are visible. Many default items have been removed from the context menu using Menu Editor for sake of clarity.

The first Save File to pop-up menu lists user-defined folders and the most recently used folders (not visible in screenshot). The second pop-up menu lists sub-folders for My Documents. Save Here saves the image to My Documents folder itself. Empty Folder has no sub-folders so it has no submenu and clicking it saves the image to Empty Folder. Non-empty folder on the other hand has sub-folders and therefore a submenu. To avoid long menu, folders starting with my are compacted into a submenu of their own.

The above is just an example that shows off Save File to's different features. See options window below for settings.

Save File to options window in main tab

Save File to options window in main tab with default settings.

Save File to options window in page tab

Save File to options window in page tab with default settings on Windows. Link, image and file tabs are similar.

Save File to in save file dialog

Save File to 2.0 adds support for save file dialog.

For questions or comments about Save File to, see feedback page.
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